S1 NO.1 STYLE JAV Censored (SSIS-901) A high-class hostess with a transcendental style is magically transformed into a rotten idiot by being soaked in aphrodisiacs.

Length 156 minutes
Release 2023-11-17
Category Censored
Maker S1 NO.1 STYLE
Starring Actress Hoshimiya Ichika
Genres beautiful legs Drug Hostesses and prostitutes Older Sister Slender


SSIS-901 The vengeance of a risky man who treated deals talk in a serious way starts! Not entirely settled to meet Ichika Hoshimiya, the main entertainer, the man got the cash he had saved and gone to the store. He looks slim, and he talks and goes about as though he prefers me. I need to encounter this time once more… Nightclub clubs are spots to flaunt. He acquired cash, went to the store and burned through money…and got a punctured tire. In any case, I’m certain Ichika-chan will meet me secretly in the event that I tell her everything…! I suspected as much, however the reaction I got was a lot of foul language and misuse. The man was profoundly wounded by the comment, which didn’t appear to see the man as a good person, and chose to get payback. He steals Ichika with a Spanish fly he purchased on the web. I continue to fall into a profane lady that I can’t accept is the response of the No. 1 woman! – JAVPAT.COM SSIS901
JAV PornStar Ichika Hoshimiya / 星宮一花 / Hoshimiya Ichika

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