SOD Create JAV Censored (SUWK-008) Two hours at the end of the cooking class... A cooking influencer (26 years old, married), Mei Hoshizora, an unfaithful mom who repeatedly has an affair once a week with a single male student.

Length 135 minutes
Release 2024-01-24
Category Censored
Maker SOD Create
Label えろばな。
Starring Actress Mei Hoshizora 星空めい
Genres Adultery Cuckold / Cuckold / Ntr Drama Featured Actress High Vision Married Woman/Housewife Single Work

料理教室終わりの2時間…生徒の独身男性と週一不倫を繰り返す絶倫ママさん料理系インフルエンサー(26歳・既婚) 星空めい

SUWK-008 Mei, a wedded lady and cooking powerhouse, is desolate on the grounds that her couple are not having intercourse, so she begins a relationship with a solitary man who goes to a cooking class she holds. Her first affair is like a drug that makes you addicted, and every time she tries to stay chaste, she goes insane in an embarrassing way. A once seven days serious sex meeting that will make you consider it to the mark of bewilderment. Love is cooking. I additionally love sex… – JAVPAT.COM SUWK008
JAV PornStar Mei Hoshizora / 星空めい

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